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I love my SUN OVEN. This is the most amazing way to cook! Great for emergencies, camping, saving energy, or just for FUN. Get excited about using the sun for cooking, then give me a call. Connie Mason, The Sun Oven Lady

How The Sun Oven Works

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


About three years ago I started investigating using the sun for outdoor cooking, mostly as an emergency source. I made my first solar oven using a Styrofoam cooler and aluminum foil. I placed a black cookie pan in the bottom and covered it with a piece of glass. It worked. I was able to bake potatoes and cook a roast in slow time.

I knew my primitive little cooker could be greatly improved upon, as it had some definite limitations. As I continued to gather information, I came across the Global Sun Oven. I was intrigued and eventually bought one. And I am glad I did! This little wonder has proven to be all it claims to be. I have had a blast cooking all kinds of things. Now it's to the point where if on a sunny day I don't have my oven out and cooking something, I feel like I am wasting the sun energy. That's the conservationist side of me.