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I love my SUN OVEN. This is the most amazing way to cook! Great for emergencies, camping, saving energy, or just for FUN. Get excited about using the sun for cooking, then give me a call. Connie Mason, The Sun Oven Lady

How The Sun Oven Works

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's Spring!! Warmer Days and More Sun

The weather is warming up and we have had some nice sunny days. Time to get the Sun Ovens outside again.

I had a busy day the other day with little time on my schedule to prepare dinner, but the sun was out so I took advantage of it. I pulled a 2 pound pork roast from the freezer, put it in a pot, smothered it with about a cup of BBQ sauce and put it in my oven outside about 10 a.m. After running errands, I went out to work in the garden around 1 p.m. and could smell the roast cooking. About 3 o'clock I brought it in the house, removed the cooked roast and shredded the very tender meat. Then I returned the meat to the juices in the pot and put it back out in the oven to keep warm until dinner time. We had the tasty pork on hard roll buns with a potato salad. Very easy, very yummy.

Go ahead, amaze yourself with how easy it is to cook with the Sun.

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